Bulk Boxes

MODEL Self unloading Bulk Boxes

Manufactured by Michaud Equipement

Gentle Handling And Quick Unloading. 

  • 20', 22' and 24' lengths offer 31,000, 34,000 and 37,000 pounds capacities respectively, custom lenght up to 48'
  • For easy filling with less effort, hydraulic side doors are controlled on-the-go, from the cab.
  • The side door hinge allows the side door to close completely without damaging potatoes or binding up.
  • When unloading, the 95% efficient planetary gearbox and the carrying rollers on 9" centers make start-up easier.
  • Extra wide, 30" conveyor gives you more capacity for quicker unloading.
  • Eight inches drive rollers and a 250 pounds rated belt provide more traction and less stretch.
  • Welded uni-body design with sealed joints offers the versatility for hauling potatoes, beets and small grains.
  • 5/8 bolts in bottom rollers
  • Ajustable fenders & mud flaps
  • Sandblasted / sealed seams / primed / painted white or green
  • Sealed for grain
  • Optional: electric tarp

The conveyor can be driven by either the electric motor when inside a building or the truck PTO when electricity isn't available. This makes the box versatile for handling a wide variety of loads. If this luxury is not necessary, straight electric or PTO drives are also available.

Hydraulic Side Door Reduces Drop

Both the side and rear doors are hydraulically opened and closed. For quick filling in the field the side door can be raised by the driver without slowing down. Independent hydraulic units for the side and rear doors eliminate the possibility of opening the wrong door.

Quick and Convenient Unloading

Whatever the load, the 30 inches belt will unload it quickly. Belt speed is variable to match the desired output. The conveyor belt is stronger than most to keep it from stretching and losing grip on the drive rollers. The drive rollers are eight inches in diameter for extra grip on the belt and the carrying rollers are spaced on nine inches centers for easy start-up in heavy loads.A seal strip between the sides and the belt keeps small grains from leaking. Sides are sloped at 45 degrees to clean the box out completely.


Overall Width
Overall Length   
Capacity (lbs.)  31,000
Weight (lbs.)
Belt Width