• Designed with less drop to reduce bruising.
  • Optional hook or belted primary chains.
  • Full width secondary & override deviner chains.

Open design provides excellent visibility into the windrower.

Rear axle provides better weight distribution and improved steering capabilities.

Rear cross conveyor may discharge to either side. Discharge height is controlled from the tractor cab with an electric actuator.


Operating Characteristics
Productivity in 10 hours 
10 acres
U.S. recommended area per machine      
150 acres
Operating speed
2-5 mph
Maximum transport speed
10 mph
Number of rows
Operating width (approx.)
10.2 ft.
Length (approx.)
24.8 ft
* Weight (approx.) 
8,500 lbs.
Operating Requirements
Tractor drawbar power
Tractor PTO
1000 rpm
Tractor hydraulic pressure
1,500 - 3,000 psi
Operating Requirements - 
Hydraulic Bed Shaker Attachment

Hydraulic System
** Power Source
Open Center
Tractor hydraulics
Closed center
Tractor hydraulics
Oil flow at maximum motor rpm
10 gpm

*  Machine weight may vary with optional equipment.
**When connecting auxiliary equipment to the tractor hydraulic system for power source,
consult the tractor manufacturer's specifications to be sure of the type of system
and pump delivery capacity to prevent damage.


Lockwood Digger Windrower Features:  

  • Unique "On the Go" rear lift adjustment option
  • 132 ½" or 140" Wide Digger section for better feeding
  • Excellent visibility of discharge
  • 24" Diamond tread or Optional grader tires
  • Heavy duty spindles, hubs and rims
  • Adjustable axle for 34" to 38" rows
  • All drives are #80 chain
  • Hydraulic drive rear cross
  • Heavy duty trailing coulters
  • Adjustable cast pintle hitch
  • Hinged shields for easy access
  • Electric valve bank

Brute Strength for Years to Come

The digger nose, like to rest of the machine, is built rugged for years of dependable service. It features solid steel cross pipes and one inch thick side boards. Full width digger noses are available to fit row spacings from 32 to 38 inches.

Steerable Rear Axle Adds Manoeuvrability

Steering is easily controlled from the cab with electro-hydraulics. Turning requires only 14 to 18 feet of headland. The steerable rear axle allows the operator to track straight when harvesting sidehills. Weight is distributed evenly with the wheels at the rear of the machine.
Hydraulic or Manual
Rear Lift

Change the angle of the secondary with the rear lift attachment. Hydraulically or manually raised and lowered the rear lift is sure to help in varied field conditions.

Hydraulic Drive Side Discharge on Rear Cross

An electric hydraulic drive actuator lets the operator control the discharge height from the cab. This keeps the discharge close to the ground at all times to reduce bruise. The operator has a choice of discharging to the right, left or both sides. The hydraulic drive rear cross operates independently with its own on/off switch.


Number of rows
4 rows
Row spacing
34" - 38"
Operating speed
2-5 mph
Headland to turn
14-18 feet
Horsepower requirement
130-180 hp
Hydraulic pressure
1500-2500 psi
13,200 lbs.
Operating Width
16.5 feet
24.8 feet
Chain Lengths*
16.73 feet
11.32 feet & 12.46 feet
20.6 feet
Rear cross
33.46 feet

* Vary slightly depending on pitch